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Frequently Asked Questions

Alumni Email Transition to Office 365 How does the transition to Office 365 impact me as an alumnus/na?

Many of you utilize a dmu.edu email account so it will affect you when accessing and logging in to this email account.

How do I access my DMU email account as an alumnus/na?

You can access your emails at www.dmu.edu; go to the Alumni drop down menu (in upper right-hand corner) and select Office 365 Email. You can also go to https://outlook.office365.com for direct access.

Does my login name and password change?

Your login will now be [dmu username]@alumni.dmu.edu. (example – JQPublic@alumni.dmu.edu). If you are not familiar with your DMU username, please contact the Help Desk at 515-271-1522 or at helpdesk@dmu.edu.

Your password remains the same and does not change.

Are all of my emails still there?

Yes, your emails still exist; no emails were lost during this transition.

Will my email address still be the same?

The only change is the return email address that shows up when you send an email to someone. When you send an email the “From” category will change to a new email address [First Name].[Middle Initial].[Last Name]@alumni.dmu.edu (example – John.Q.Public@alumni.dmu.edu) . When giving someone your email address, you can use your current email (John.Q.Public@dmu.edu) or the new email (John.Q.Public@alumni.dmu.edu). You will receive any and all emails regardless if it is sent to your current email address or to the new email address.

How can I set up email on my phone, mobile device, or computer?

Who can I contact if I have problems with this transition?

The DMU Help Desk will help you in any way through this transition. Call 515-271-1522 or send an email to helpdesk@dmu.edu.

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