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Professional Development

In an effort to expand educational opportunities to our local and global community, individuals may apply to enroll in select coursework without being admitted into a degree program. These courses may be beneficial for individuals to expand their knowledge in a certain subject matter, or serve as preparation for a graduate program.

Courses Offered

All courses are offered online. Courses include:

Course #Course TitleCredit HoursCourses Offered
BIOC1102Biochemistry/Molecular Genetics 4.5Fall
INST2026Problem-Based Anatomy1Spring

For more details, please read the course descriptions in the DMU Catalog.

Course #Course TitleCredit HoursCourses Offered
MHA801Professional Development Seminar I
Note: On-campus experience required. Totaling 5 days on campus.
2Spring and Fall
MHA619Health Care Human Relations Management –
Note: On-campus experience required. Totaling 5 days on campus.
3Spring and Fall
MHA621Overview of the U.S. Health System3Spring, Summer, and Fall
MHA625Health Care Financial Management I3Spring and Summer
MHA626Organizational Behavior and Leadership Theory3Spring and Summer
MHA650Basic Statistics and Research3Spring, Summer, and Fall

For more details, please read the course descriptions in the DMU Catalog.

Course #Course Title                    Credit HoursCourses Offered
MPH621Overview of the U.S. Health Care System3Fall, Spring, Summer
MPH650Basic Statistics and Research3Fall, Spring, Summer
MPH656Public Health Biology3Summer and Spring
MPH711Grant Writing3Summer
MPH766Geographic Info Systems3Fall
MPH783Foundations of Global Health3Summer
MPH785Global Health Policy, Practice & Partnerships3Spring

For more details, please read the course descriptions in the DMU Catalog.

Course #Course TitleCredit HoursCourses Offered
1601Business Management2

Final offering Summer 2017

1602Individual and Family Aspects of Care2

Final offering Spring 2017

1603Clinical Decision Making3

Final offering Spring 2017

1604Health Promotion and Prevention3

Final offering Summer 2016

1606Motor Control Theory and Analysis2Fall Session 1 (August – October)

Clinical Applications


Final offering Fall 2017

1609Manual Therapy Intervention2

Final offering Fall 2016

How to Apply

Plan to submit the following application materials at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the course, contact admissions for start term options.

  1. Online application and $60 application fee
    Select “non-degree” as your program option.

    Start Your Application
  2. Brief personal statement
    Describing why you wish to pursue professional development coursework at DMU.
  3. Official transcripts and/or proof of degree 
    • College of Osteopathic Medicine, Health Care Administration, Public Health Courses:
      Proof of bachelor’s degree is required. If bachelor’s degree was not completed within the U.S., you must plan to submit a degree equivalency evaluation through WES.
    • Physical Therapy Courses:
      (1) Individuals possessing a physical therapy degree from the United States must provide either proof of a U.S. physical therapy license or proof of a physical therapy degree (official transcript); (2) Individuals holding a physical therapy degree from another country must submit a copy of their credential evaluation from the Foreign Credentialing Commission on Physical Therapy (FCCPT). If a bachelor’s degree or PT degree was not completed in the U.S., TOEFL exam results must also be submitted.

Send all required documentation to:

Des Moines University – Professional Development Admissions
3200 Grand Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50312
Phone: 515-271-1499
Fax: 515-271-707

Please Note:

  • Professional development coursework at DMU may be good preparation for future degree programs but does not guarantee admission to DMU degree programs. 
  • If admitted to a degree program, a maximum number of semester hours of credit completed as professional development credit may be applied toward completion of a DMU degree (12 for M.H.A. or M.P.H.).
  • Individuals must apply for approval as a professional development student and standard tuition rate, fees, and policies apply.
  • Professional development students are not eligible for financial aid.
  • Students previously dismissed from an academic program at Des Moines University are ineligible to take coursework associated with the program from which they were dismissed through the professional development process.

After Approval

Following submission of all required documentation, your file will be reviewed and you will be notified within several weeks of the decision. If an applicant is approved for registration as a professional development student, the following steps are required to complete the process:

  • Submit a $250.00 tuition seat deposit to secure your seat, which will be credited toward your tuition in your first course.
  • Complete a criminal background check through the DMU preferred vendor.
  • Receive access to DMU email, learning management and library systems through Pulse, our intranet system.
  • Registration will be processed through Pulse during a designated registration period.


Please contact the Admissions Office with questions on how to get started with professional development coursework at DMU by emailing or call 515-271-1499.