Doctor of Occupational Therapy

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Alternate student information

  • Can I send updates?

    Yes! Updates help the admission committee to identify candidates who are strongly considering DMU. Academic updates, shadowing updates and other personal experiences you feel are relevant to your application are great things to share. Please send these updates via email to and indicate for which program you are an alternate.

    It is also highly beneficial for us to have updated contact information for you, so we can get in touch with you as needed.

  • What does my ranking mean and will I receive a hard ranking?

    DMU will provide you with a general ranking into a top, middle or lower tier. We find that providing a hard number ranking is less helpful during this process, as that number can change quickly due to a variety of circumstances. A general expectation is that candidates in the top tier will be given priority consideration for available seats in the class. As we continue to have open seats, we will further evaluate candidates in the middle and lower tiers. Being placed into a middle or lower tier still offers opportunity for consideration.

  • When can I expect to hear back?

    We understand that waiting during this time frame can be difficult, especially if you want to finalize plans for attending graduate school and/or relocating. DMU will be in touch as soon as we have information to share with you. As seats open in the class, we can make offers to current alternates. Alternates can expect to hear a final admission decision in the week following Orientation.

  • What can I do to increase my chances of being accepted?

    Keep us up to date with your activities and let us know if DMU is your top choice. When we have multiple candidates to consider for a seat, we may choose the candidate who has strongly communicated his or her interest. You can demonstrate this via updates and/or by submitting a letter of intent.

  • Should I reapply when the cycle reopens? Will this hurt my chances of being accepted from the alternate list?

    You are encouraged to make plans for your education as needed by reapplying in a future cycle. Current alternates will be in consideration through the end of this application cycle, and your status as a reapplicant will not affect your competitiveness as an alternate.

If you have questions, please reach out to the Admissions team at

Get to know Greater Des Moines

Greater Des Moines is consistently ranked as the best city for young professionals to live and work. Our low unemployment, affordable housing, and low costs of living mean you can live comfortably right away.

Housing opportunities: Finding your perfect place

The areas around the new DMU campus offer plenty of reasonably priced apartments a short distance from campus. Restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops, pharmacies, banks and a variety of shops are located nearby.

Downtown Des Moines is just a ten-minute drive east of campus and features a city in the midst of revitalization. Treat yourself to an afternoon at the public library, events center, sculpture park, or farmers' market. Visit the many unique restaurants, eclectic shops, art galleries, and entertainment venues. Downtown has evolved into a contemporary urban center with something for everyone.

Des Moines downtown housing options
Des Moines houses of worship

Places to worship: Find a space to practice your faith

The residents of Greater Des Moines come from all around the world, and the city has countless religious services and institutions to serve the surrounding communities.

Fine dining: Nearby restaurants and grocery options

The local businesses and restaurants that surround DMU are some of the best the city has to offer. An abundance of ethnic grocery stores and a thriving culinary scene make the Des Moines metro a great place to live – and eat.

Des Moines Ingersoll restaurants

Transforming health sciences from the ground up

DMU has been planning the medical and health sciences university of the future. The new campus, located on 88 acres in West Des Moines, will advance the educational transformation the University envisions.

Frequently asked questions about the new campus

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