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Health P.A.S.S. 2025

June 7-27, 2025

*Applications open Sept. 9, 2024

Preparing future health care professionals to be culturally knowledgeable and more aware of their own cultural biases is not just the right thing to do — cultural competency is vital to effective health care.

The most diverse medical schools, Des Moines University included, recognize that health care professionals who better understand and interact with patients and colleagues can provide more effective services and patient-centered care. That’s because these health care professionals are better equipped with the skills they need to build relationships and trust with their patients which, in turn, creates better patient compliance and outcomes.

From primary to specialty care, the United States could see an estimated shortage of up to 124,000 physicians by 2034, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges. Begin your health sciences education now at DMU to develop the clinical, interprofessional and communication skills you need to work with colleagues in delivering the best care for your patients — from head to toe. You’ll also be prepared for whatever comes next, including residency, the national board exam, advanced education and beyond.

What Is Health P.A.S.S.?

DMU’s Health Professions Advanced Summer Scholars Program — Health P.A.S.S. — is a great way to prepare for and enhance your chances of getting into medical or health professions school. Health P.A.S.S. provides key insights and hands-on experience in various health professions.

Get a head start in exploring careers in medicine, health care and science at a top-quality university that prioritizes student success. At Health P.A.S.S., you’ll get to participate in:

  • GRE/MCAT Prep and Interview Prep: Prep for medical/health professions school and gain confidence through presentations, mock interviews and GRE/MCAT information.
  • Cultural Competency Course and Certificate: Earn a certificate and conduct research based on a cultural competency course. Research is based on the Diversity Health Series.
  • Graduate-Level Lectures: Learn from graduate-level lectures and presentations in four clinical areas: osteopathic medicine, podiatric medicine, physical therapy and physician assistant studies.
  • Meet With Experts: Receive guidance from student mentors, faculty, admission staff and more.

*Applications open Sept. 9, 2024

Applications are due annually by Feb. 15, with all supplemental materials are due by March 1.

For questions about DMU’s application and admissions process, contact 515-271-1499 or

For questions about the Health P.A.S.S. program, contact 515-271-1678 or

“The DMU Summer Health P.A.S.S. program allowed me to be my curious self, explore areas of interest and connect with scholarly individuals! This program motivated me to apply to DMU as my top DO school!”

- Huzaifa Khawaja, University of California-Berkeley

“The DMU Summer Health P.A.S.S. program was the most impactful experience of my academic career. It did not only teach me about the health care field but also about the importance of cultural awareness.”

- Andrea Guzmán Martínez, University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez

“The DMU Summer Health P.A.S.S. program was an insightful experience that has proven to be helpful in my medical school journey ever since. Thanks to my two mentors from the Heart2Heart Mentoring experience!”

- Oluwaseyi Adeoshun, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

“The DMU Health P.A.S.S. program as the best three weeks of my life. The schedule was jam-packed with fun lectures and activities, but the people you met were the best part.”

- Alexis Buckner, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

“Words cannot fully express how grateful I am for such a wonderful and life-changing opportunity that I had as a participant in DMU’s Summer Health PASS program. Not only did I learn so much about the different health science programs, the university, the city, and the people, I was also able to learn more about myself. The Summer Health PASS program had such a positive impact on me.”

- Jessica Chu, Xavier University

“As a recent immigrant to this country, Health P.A.S.S. provided me with an inclusive atmosphere where I obtained clinical experience focusing on the importance of cultural competency.”

- Koushik Paul, University of Minnesota

“Health P.A.S.S. not only motivated me to continue on my journey to medicine, but it taught me a wealth of knowledge that has proven to be invaluable.”

- Ashley Costello, CUNY-Lehman College

“The DMU Summer Health P.A.S.S. program was a very eye-opening experience to me I was able to gain a better understanding of the health professions and how to prepare for medical school. I believe that the skills I have learned through my experiences with the DMU Health Pass program will be very valuable in the future when choosing a career path.”

- Stevie Wilson, Grambling State University

“So grateful for the opportunity to meet and learn from such passionate and inspiring people.”

- Isabella González, Grand View University

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