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Global healthDes Moines University’s global health department gives students, faculty, alumni and others an opportunity to gain real-world experience in international medicine. The department offers experiences and electives beyond our country’s borders.

Each year students become more involved in international health care. Nationally, 30 to 40 percent of all medical students go overseas at some time during their medical education. DMU’s international experiences provide a breadth of cultural, social, political and clinical experiences that are not available within the United States.

As medical needs around the world grow each year – you can be part of DMU’s global health initiative.

Want a quick overview of DMU Global Health? Download our brochure.

By the numbers

9 Service trips taken through the DMU global health department
14 International students that have been invited to come to DMU for international rotations
57 Faculty/HCP’s that have participated in DMU global health trips
42 Countries students have traveled on DMU student rotations
513 Students that have traveled on some type of DMU global health sponsored trip
8,768 Patients helped during the medical service trips

Data taken from April 2007 – May 2013


Types of experiences

Global health experiences vary based on what students are interested in. Opportunities range from short medical service trips to extended length international clerkships.

International experiences are supported through electives and other on-campus programs. Des Moines University also hosts several student clubs that focus on global health issues. Interested?

As the world becomes smaller and global health care needs grow, the opportunities to help become more important. If you would like to learn more about DMU’s global health program, please contact Chris Catrenich at 515-271-1425 or