Distinguished global health internships

The Department of Global Health’s Distinguished Global Health Internships are highly selective research opportunities which enable students to explore global health research topics at various organizations. Students have the opportunity to work with researchers on projects such as conducting systematic reviews to create evidence-based educational materials for worldwide distribution.

Each year, one DMU student will complete a research internship at each of the following organizations:

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)
  • United States Global Change and Research Program (USGCRP)

Interns will work with researchers at these organizations, with the possibility to pursue individual research interests, pending availability and approval from the organization.

Who is eligible to apply?

Any DMU student who will be enrolled in a degree program at the time of the internship (8 weeks between May-August), and who will be available to complete an internship for 8 weeks in the summer.  Students who have already graduated from their DMU program or who don't begin their program until fall are not eligible to apply.

You can apply for multiple internships, but must submit separate applications with distinct personal statements and a different recommendation letter for each application.

Note: For Summer 2022, it is anticipated that all Distinguished Global Health Internships will be virtual.

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