The Des Moines University core facilities are multiuser, communal research laboratories that total approximately 10,942 sq. ft. of research space. The space is located in Ryan Hall, the hub of basic science research on campus. The fundamental aims of the core facilities are to maximize research space, reduce equipment redundancy while providing centralized oversight for equipment validity and maintenance. The facilities are actively funded by Des Moines University and designed to aid and advance individual investigators research, in an efficient manner. Our core facilities are managed by six, trained, full-time university-funded, staff research assistants with oversight from faculty. Core equipment is found in designated core facility rooms or a primary investigator’s laboratory. 

 At Des Moines University, core equipment may be used, at no cost, by researchers and students, once appropriately trained and authorized. The University continuously supplements our existing instrumentation in the core facilities with new state-of-the-art equipment.

Please email the Office of Research at for a full equipment catalog.

Core Facilities

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