Typical Course Schedule

DO Strip Chart
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First Year

Course NumberCourse TitleCredit Hours
ANAT 1101AGross Anatomy 4.0
ANAT 1101BGross Anatomy 2.5
ANAT 1104Neuroanatomy2.0
BIOC 1102Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics 4.5
BIOE 1120Introduction to Medical Ethics 1.5
HIST 1106Medical Cell and Tissue Biology 3.0
HLTH 1107AClinical Medicine 2.0
HLTH 1107BClinical Medicine 1.5
HMNTS 1111Introduction to the History of Medicine 1.0
MICR 1103Microbiology and Immunology 6.0
OMM 1101AOsteopathic Manual Medicine I 2.5
OMM 1101BOsteopathic Manual Medicine I 2.0
OSTE 1102Fundamentals of Patient Safety and Clinical Quality I 0.5
OSTE 1103AProfessional Certification I 0.5
OSTE 1103BProfessional Certification I 0.0
OSTE 1122Geriatrics 2.5
PATH 1109General Pathology 2.5
PHYS 1116Medical Physiology 6.5
PSYC 1105Behavioral Medicine 2.0

Second Year

Course NumberCourse TitleCredit Hours
BIOE 2120Medical Ethics II and Legal Topics in Clinical Medicine2.0
HLTH 2104Ophthalmology1.0
HLTH 2105Specialty Medicine3.5
LAB 2115Basic Surgical and Medical Skills1.0
OMM 2101AOsteopathic Manual Medicine II2.5
OMM 2101BOsteopathic Manual Medicine II1.5
OSTE 2102Fundamentals of Patient Safety and Clinical Quality II0.5
OSTE 2103AProfessional Certification II0.0
OSTE 2103BProfessional Certification II1.0
OSTE 2104AEarly Clinical Experiences0.5
OSTE 2104BEarly Clinical Experiences0.0
OSTE 2119Preventive Medicine/Nutrition2.0
OSTE 2120Evidence-Based Medicine1.0
OSTE 2124Infectious Disease/Public Health1.5
OSTE 2125AClinical Reasoning1.0
OSTE 2125BClinical Reasoning1.5
OSTE 2140Introduction to Clinical Clerkships1.0
PHARM 2115Medical Pharmacology5.5
PSYC 2107Psychiatry2.5
SYST 2101Cardiovascular System3.0
SYST 2103Hematology3.0
SYST 2105Renal System3.0
SYST 2106Endocrine System2.5
SYST 2111Gastrointestinal (GI) System3.0
SYST 2114Respiratory System3.0
SYST 2116AObstetrics/Gynecology Simulation Lab0
SYST 2116BObstetrics/Gynecology2.5
SYST 2141Neurology2.0

Third Year

Course NumberCourse TitleCredit Hours
OMM 3101AOsteopathic Manual Medicine III1.0
OMM 3101BOsteopathic Manual Medicine III1.0
OSTE 3144AClinical Rotations Year III20.0
OSTE 3144BClinical Rotations Year III20.0
OSTE 3151Introduction to Health Systems and Policy1.0
OSTE 3160Comprehensive Clinical Assessment1.0

Fourth Year

Course NumberCourse TitleCredit Hours
OMM 4101AOsteopathic Manual Medicine IV0.5
OMM 4101BOsteopathic Manual Medicine IV0.5
OSTE 4144AClinical Rotations Year IV22.0
OSTE 4144BClinical Rotations Year IV22.0