Mini Medical School

Join us annually on Tuesdays in February for free Mini Medical School sessions.

Four Nights x Four Topics

Expand Your Medical Knowledge Without Taking the MCAT!

This four-session, Tuesday evening series explores interesting, relevant topics in an accessible style appropriate for all audiences ages middle school and up.

Classes run weekly at 5:30 p.m. for four Tuesdays every February and are hosted in Des Moines University’s Olsen Center at 3200 Grand Ave. in Des Moines, Iowa. Classes also are streamed online.

See past Mini Medical School sessions below and check back later for more information about future events.

See Past Content

Watch content from past events below while you prep to join us at our next Mini Medical School!

Watch 2024 Mini Medical School Sessions

  • “Am I Drinking Too Much? How Much Is Too Much? Alcohol Use Disorder and Its Effects on the Brain”

    Presented by Autumn Brunia, D.O., Physician, DMU Clinic; Assistant Professor, Behavioral Medicine, Medical Humanities and Bioethics

    View Session Recording

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Past Mini Medical School Content

Check out content from our past Mini Medical School events!

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