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Students will order their own regalia online and it will be delivered to their home address. More information on how to order your attire will be provided in the January Newsletter.


Graduates should wear attire that harmonizes with the gown. Shoes and other visible attire should be dark colored. Men should wear dark shoes, socks and dark trousers. Women should wear dark colored clothing and dress shoes. The gown looks best when worn with a blouse that does not show through the V-neck. Absolutely no adornment is permitted on the gown or mortarboard. DMU is dedicated to providing graduate-level health professions degrees and our ceremony will compliment the professional status of our graduates.


The mortarboard is to be worn flat on the head with the pointed cap pulled onto the forehead. It should be parallel to the ground so that the tassel can fall straight down the side of the wearer’s face.


At Commencement, graduates march in the gown appropriate to the degree they will receive. Candidates may wear only one hood at a time and it should be appropriate to the gown. For example, an individual receiving both a doctoral and a master’s degree at the same ceremony marches in the attire of the higher (terminal) degree and will wear only one hood, that of the higher degree. An individual receiving two master’s degrees wears only one hood, generally to indicate the primary or initial degree field.

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