Moises Cartagena-Aponte, D.P.T.’09

Moises Cartagena-Aponte, D.P.T.’09, became the acting chancellor of the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao on Sept. 16, 2019. He had served as acting academic dean since July 24, 2019, and previously was director of the university’s physical therapy program.

Abbey Metzger, D.P.T.’09

Abbey Metzger, D.P.T.’09, a therapist with 21st Century Rehab PC in Indianola, IA, was featured on the practice’s Facebook page in September. She completed a pediatric residency program at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and has specialized in a wide variety of …

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Eric Palmer, D.P.T.’09

Eric Palmer, D.P.T.’09, is the director of physical therapy at Wayne County Hospital and Clinic System in Corydon, IA.

Josh Buechler, D.P.T.’09

Josh Buechler, D.P.T.’09, is a physical therapist with Kearney Physical Therapy in Kearney, NE. He joined the practice in March 2018.

Leslie Foley, D.P.T.’09

Leslie Foley, D.P.T.’09, is the owner of Bondurant Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine in Bondurant, IA, and a member of the Bondurant Area Chamber of Commerce. Her practice is a full-service physical therapy and sports medicine clinic that provides services …

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Eric G. Palmer, D.P.T.’09

Palmer joined Wayne County Hospital and its clinic system in Corydon, IA, as director of the rehabilitation services department. “We are very fortunate to have someone of Dr. Palmer’s skill and expertise to assume the management of our rehabilitation services department. …

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Moises Cartagena, D.P.T.’09

Cartagena began working as associate dean of academic affairs at the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao in December 2011. He resides in Las Piedras, Puerto Rico.

Megan M. Foster, D.P.T.’11, and Ryne L. Foster, D.P.T.’09

Foster (maiden name Augustin) and Foster were married on September 3, 2011. Megan is a physical therapist with Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn, and Ryan is a physical therapist with Spooner Physical Therapy. The couple resides and works in Scottsdale, AZ. 

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