Teddy Lee, D.O.’94

Teddy Lee, D.O.’94, is the facility medical director and chair of the emergency medicine department at St. John’s Episcopal Hospital in Far Rockaway, NY.

Matthew Bagan, D.O.’94

Matthew Bagan, D.O.’94, is a board-certified general surgeon at 21st Century Oncology in Port Charlotte, FL. He specializes in general surgery, including surgery of the breast and abdomen, laparoscopic procedures, upper endoscopy, colonoscopy and capsule “pill cam” endoscopy. 

DMU alumnus leaves the “hamster wheel” of volume-based medicine for concierge practice

Once upon a time, Alan Morrison, D.O.’94, FACP, had a “thriving, busy, exciting, action-packed, solo, freestanding, independent internal medicine practice” with lots of patients but little time to spend with them. He wanted more face-to-face time for each appointment, but …

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Tracey Larrison, D.O.’94

Tracey Larrison, D.O.’94, transitioned in 2009 from family practice to administrative work with Social Security Disability, an entitlement program that allows disabled individuals to receive paid benefits from the federal government. She has three children, a son-in-law and three grandchildren. …

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Laurie Ballew, D.O.’94

Laurie Ballew, D.O.’94, is a psychiatrist and addiction medicine physician who serves patients at Holistic Psychiatry and Healthcare in Paducah, KY. A Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, she is board-certified in both psychiatry and psychosomatic medicine by the …

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