Fave lazy meal?

I just moved to my new place out in Michigan after getting hitched in California, so it’s been a busy month! Although moving to a new place is really exciting, I don’t have any internet at home. (sad face!) I’m …

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Crockpot resurrected!

Here’s a super easy recipe for a melt-in-your-mouth pulled pork sandwich. Ingredients: 1.   One can of beef broth 2.   1-2 pounds of pork ribs 3.   A bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce 4.   Your favorite bread to eat it with …

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Free faxes?

I was looking online for a faxing service and came across faxzero.com. Has anyone tried it? I do not know if it is safe and if it works but I really needed to fax something today and didn’t want to …

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