Oh, The Things Astro Can Do

DMU’s Doctor of Occupational Therapy program successfully applied to obtain this cute little robot from Amazon as part of the assistive technology students are learning to use to help people live and age safely at home. Here are just some of Astro’s abilities: 

Astro maps the home environment so it can smoothly move about, follow users if desired and monitor activity. 

It can detect and send alerts if a person falls, needs to contact someone outside the home, or leaves the stove on or a door open. 

Astro lets users Facetime with others and enables them and their loved ones to receive activity alerts and remote live views of the home. 

It can be programmed to send reminders of upcoming calendar events and when to eat, take medications or complete other timely tasks. 

Astro is fun! Users can command it to dance with them, play favorite music, podcasts or shows and tell jokes, among many other actions. 

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