Powerful Perseverance

In addition to pursuing her medical degree, Taylor LaChapelle, D.O.’26, is an international champion in another form of heavy lifting: In November she won first place in her weight class and first place overall at the World Open Equipped Powerlifting Championships in Lithuania.

“When I won, it felt like all my hard work finally paid off,” she says. “This was my first World Open Championship, which has always been a huge goal of mine.”

Taylor LaChapelle, D.O.’26

Powerlifting entails three events, the bench press, dead lift and squat, which must be completed per specific form and rules. At the World Open, LaChapelle hoisted 347.2 pounds in the bench press, 518 pounds in the dead lift and 523.6 pounds in the squat — which basically means if you need someone to move your grand piano, she’s your go-to.

“I like pushing myself and having a physical challenge.”

— Taylor LaChapelle, D.O.’26 

She began competing nationally and internationally in 2013 and is now a member of the Powerlifting America team.

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