Give yourself the power of information: body composition analysis at DMU

Body Comp Testing In Action If you are committed to getting or staying fit, a great tool to help you achieve that goal is the composition analysis service of DMU Clinic Radiology. This service gives users eye-opening information about their bodies, including their ratio of fat to lean muscle, body mass and fat mass index, body fat percentage and more. As proper exercise and nutrition increase muscle tissue, these are the measures that change – and that show you whether you’re moving toward your goals.

Body composition analysis (BCA) gives a complete physical profile, providing valuable data to establish a person’s baseline health or monitor progress over time. That information is invaluable for individuals beginning a workout regimen, starting nutrition counseling or making a complete lifestyle makeover. It’s also great for athletes who are aiming for optimal body composition to enhance their athletic performance. Wherever you are on that journey, this analysis can affirm whether and how your exercise and lifestyle choices are changing your body and your health.

The power of DXA

DMU Clinic Radiology offers BCA using DXA, the gold standard for this analysis. One short, simple scan provides a wealth of information, takes just a few minutes and uses a low dose of radiation – less than the background radiation you’re exposed to on a daily basis. Results are available the same day, allowing you to compare your current health to previous scans side by side. Your numbers are also given percentile rankings that show where you match up against your peers and a control population.

Call 515-271-1715 today to schedule a body composition analysis, or visit the radiology section of the DMU Clinic website.

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