“Another Season Comes and Goes,” Part 1

Medical Humanities Society presents: Another Season Comes and Goes - Part 1

The Medical Humanities Society at Des Moines University presents its first annual online arts gallery, “Another Season Comes and Goes.” The gallery features art works and the written word by DMU students depicting seasons of human life and of the earth.

Gallery curators are Megan Kavanaugh, a second-year osteopathic medical student, and Megha Pokhriyal, a first-year osteopathic medical student. They are executive officers of the Medical Humanities Society.

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Part 1 features illustrations of the heart, below, by Allison Hade, a second-year osteopathic medical student from Indianola, IA. She says this about her work: “When I came to medical school, I was a little overwhelmed. As someone from an artistic background, I struggled to find a balance between my passion for art and my love of science. I found that, when studying anatomy, I could learn better by drawing the structures we were studying. By sketching in the details myself, rather than relying on someone else’s art, I could understand the body more thoroughly, and engage with my education on multiple levels.”

Illustration: Allison Hade

Also featured in part 1 are poems by Brooke Bachelor, a second-year osteopathic medical student from Carol Stream, IL. Her first poem, “Essence of Your Presence,” inspired the name of the humanities arts gallery. She describes her poetry as follows: “This is a collection of reflections on my life experiences thus far that explore vulnerability, Oneness of humanity, celebration, loss, love, travel and self-exploration. These poems come from a time period of about three years when I was trying to find my footing in the world while moving from nursing to medicine and spending a majority of my time outside of the United States. While living and working in Peru, I really became aware of the truth that we are all in this together and of the importance of approaching our interactions with people, especially our patients, from a place of curiosity, love and openness.”

Essence of Your Presence

And by your side forever be
The stillness lies in front of me
The burning leaves strong in the air
Remind me that you’re always there
(You’re heaven)
The disconnect becomes more strong
As days progress to harder, long
But in the center of all I know
Does Spirit speak
And Love must grow
(You’re bliss)
The buds must bloom
The water flows
Another season comes and goes
And only you the secret know
(Your kiss)

Love Reigns Where It Rains

Such joy pervades my entire being this day
As my future has opened widely

I’m ready to uproot and settle my entire self
Into rich soil
So that I may stand


Oh joy!

when Love reigns where it rains .
                                            .. .. ….

I can hardly believe it’s true
What you said of me
And what I mean to you

You’re willing to risk
To stand
To compromise

Opening yourself enough so the light can start to shine on not just me,

But on everything you see

I don’t think you realize that you grow infinitely

Yes! you are the sun when love reigns

Sow with me your intention deeply
As we piece our lives together
In peace

Sewing our patches of vast experience


Into a beautiful comfort

Over many lifetimes

For us both


Sun and a Song

We long for those days
When the surface was strong

When the moon was still filling
Now the days press, prolong

Those days that were pounding
And those days I was wrong

And now all on our mind
is the sun

and a song.

The future
It moved me

Then future consumed me

Avoid sitting in silence and forget how to ask

Until I could breathe,               

Then the worry s

And still now, I sit steady

My future not penned

Beginning is here

With no sight of the end

Peace is Everywhere

As the birds succinctly sing
As if calling out to me

Bobbing heads with every beat

This is the drumbeat

Of my life

Although we appear as three

These two little birds

And me

Of One essence we all breathe

From One space we’re born and leave

And One song from our mouths released

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