Study secrets: Places to study on campus

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Take a walk around DMU and you’ll find students studying every step of the way. There is an abundance of study space around campus. Here are some of the best spots to get away and cram for your next exam.

Student Education Center

  • Lounges – There are two lounges in the hallway on the ground floor that have tables as well as couches and chairs. If you like to study while watching TV or eating a quick lunch, this is the place for you!
  • Auditorium and classrooms – Any classroom that is not being occupied is fair game for study space. Take advantage with big group studies!
  • 1st floor study rooms – Look on Meeting Room Manager on Pulse to reserve these 12-person study rooms during the until 5 p.m. After that and on the weekends, the rooms are first come, first serve.
  • Library – There are tons and tons of cubicles, comfy chairs, tables and even podiums if you wish to stand and study! There are also two-person, six-person and 12-person study rooms. The same rules apply for the 12-person rooms, but the two- and six-person study rooms are first come, first serve.
  • Summerfield’s – A lot of students like the atmosphere of the cafeteria and the convenience of food being so close! Take any table or booth you like!
  • Secret study nook in the SEC Auditorium – It’s on the side going to the Academic Center, in between the double doors. It could possibly house four to six people.

Academic Center

  • Couches and chairs around the area – These are a great place for last-minute study or if you like a little background noise.
  • Small lounge near the mailboxes – There’s vending machines right there to grab a snack.
  • 1st floor conference rooms – Right before entering the SEC, there is an office area on the right. Dr. Mueller’s office is in there, along with other offices. Around the corner are conference rooms you may use if they are not taken by meetings and such.

Ryan Hall and Munroe Building

Any open space you see is yours for the taking! If any classroom is open and not being used, it’s all yours! In Ryan Hall, they have a walkstation on the 2nd floor along with a couple tables nearby for group studies!

This post was adapted from “Recipes for Success,” a guidebook put together by D.P.M. students for all incoming students in the hopes of getting them on the right track once they get to DMU.

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