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As a group, DMU students are passionate – about their academic success, their future careers and their community service. That passion extends to the University itself, as demonstrated by the many students who volunteer their time to serve as ambassadors for the DMU admissions office.

“I tell them, ‘You’re looking for your future colleague. Do you want that person standing next to you in surgery? Delivering your baby?’” says Angela Hall, M.Ed., DMU admissions manager. “They take such ownership and help us year-round. They enable us to do our jobs.”

In the past year, student ambassadors gave tours and talked to 1,050 prospective students during 78 interview days. They interacted with 207 attendees of the Discover DMU event and 117 participants in Second Look Day. They also helped with visits by 123 prospective students and managed many behindthe-
scenes tasks. For example, as an ambassador, Brant Adams, D.O.’17, reviewed candidates’ files prior to their interviews in order to plan questions.

“I attend an institution I believe in,” he says. “As an interviewer, I think of the candidates as classmates and determine whether socially they would be a good fit, and also their work ethic – would they have the stamina and commitment.”

Student ambassadors also strive to let candidates know what DMU is like. They provide an opportunity for candidates to get frank, honest answers to questions they wouldn’t ask faculty.

“They ask me what I like about DMU. I say, ‘I could go on for a really long time,’” says Brandi Tolman, D.O.’16. “It’s important for them to get the full picture.” Ambassadors also contribute to the University by just showing up. “It reflects well on the institution that students are willing to do this,” says Jordan Soloai, D.P.T.’15.

Chris Hogue, D.P.M.’17, who had been accepted at two other top-choice schools before he interviewed at DMU, describes the pivotal role that Todd Jaramillo, D.P.M.’15, played in his decision.

“He not only answered all of my questions during our tour, but he gave me his phone number and told me to call him with any other questions I might have,” says Hogue, now himself a student ambassador. “Once I decided on DMU, Todd helped me find good housing and introduced my wife and me to other student families.”

Jaramillo was happy to make that difference. “If I’m passionate about something, I really enjoy spreading the knowledge,” he says. “And I enjoy helping other people make big decisions.”

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