CPMS teams hoop it up at DMU-hosted tournament

They look mellow now, but the CPMS women’s team controlled the court at the APMSA basketball tournament.

Medical students are in general a competitive bunch, but that rose to a whole new level when DMU’s College of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery (CPMS) and the American Podiatric Medical Students’ Association (APMSA) hosted the annual APMSA basketball tournament April 18-20. It drew eight male teams from podiatric colleges at Kent State, Temple, Arizona, New York and Chicago, and two female teams from CPMS and the Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine.

CPMS’s female team defeated its Scholl opponent, while the college’s two male teams finished second and seventh.

In addition to showing off their athletic prowess, CPMS students seized the opportunity to showcase DMU and Des Moines. The tournament featured games on that Friday and Saturday as well as campus tours, a student-created scavenger hunt in downtown Des Moines and an after-tournament party at a downtown venue.

“We received a lot of feedback from students about how much they enjoyed the tournament,” says Christopher Martin, D.P.M.’15, president of the Iowa Podiatric Medical Students’ Association. “A few even mentioned how they wished they had gone to DMU instead.”

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