IACUC conference a success

On June 14, Des Moines University’s Office of Research and Continuing Medical Education departments hosted IACUC Approval in the Ever Changing Research Environment. Guests included IACUC members, investigators, center directors, and administrators from Des Moines University, Iowa State University, Grinnell College, Simpson, North Dakota State University, University of Iowa, USDA – National Animal Disease Center, and industry.

The conference included an overview of regulatory requirements for Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) approval of research and teaching involving animals, with an emphasis on application of those regulations to case studies which involved the following:

  • pain and distress
  • endpoint criteria
  • tumor studies
  • prolonged restraint with and without acclimation
  • novel procedures
  • use of non-pharmaceutical grade agents in animals

Cynthia “Cyd” Gillett, Ph.D., the institutional veterinarian and director of Research Animal Resources at the University of Minnesota, and Melanie Graham, MPH, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in Department of Surgery at University of Minnesota were the guest lecturers.

Dr. Jeff Gray, Vice President for Research and Institutional Official, felt the conference was a success and shared this reflection. “The IACUC Symposium facilitated discussion between professionals from a range of institutions. The case study format brought forward fascinating perspectives from institutions working with diverse types of research and teaching protocols. I really appreciated the input from all the participants discussing the issues, I learned a great deal.”

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