2012 Des Moines University Research Symposium winners

Thursday, December 7, marked another successful DMU Research Symposium. This year, in a new component, students competed in both the oral and poster presentations for best presentation. Oral presenters were judged on their submitted abstracts, and poster presenters were judged on technical, visual and presentation aspects. Seven awards were presented in six categories, with biomedical sciences poster presentations ending in a tie.

Biomedical Sciences Oral Presentation

Justin Bloomberg, D.O.’14 and Jeffrey Gray, Ph.D.

Bacterial Species and Surgical Sites Involved in Contamination During Strabismus Surgery: Justin Bloomberg, D.O.’14, Des Moines University; Grace Wang, D.O., Bronx-Lebanon Medical Center; Donny Suh, M.D., and Matthew Rauen, M.D., Wolfe Eye Clinic

Movement Science and Education Oral Presentation

Ebonie Vincent, D.P.M.’15 and Jeffrey Gray, Ph.D.

Modified Paper Grip Test for Foot Muscle Performance: Measurement Properties and Preliminary Results of Individuals with Plantar Heel Pain: Ebonie Vincent, D.P.M.’15, and Shane McClinton, P.T., D.P.T., OCS, FAAOMPT, Des Moines University 

Biomedical Sciences Poster Presentations

Laura Vollmer award
Jeffrey Gray, Ph.D., Laura Vollmer and Julie Ronnebaum, P.T., GCS

Human Cytomegalovirus Resistance to Cyclopropavir Maps to a Base Pair Deletion in UL97 Resulting in a Viral Protein Lacking an Active Kinase Domain: Laura E. Vollmer, Drake University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences; Ellie D. Hall, Louisiana State University Department of Microbiology and Immunology; Katherine Z. Borysko and Julie M. Breitenbach, University of Michigan Department of Biologic and Materials Sciences; Jiri Zemlicka, Wayne State University School of Medicine; Jeremy P. Kamil, Louisiana State University; John C. Drach, University of Michigan; Brian G. Gentry, Ph.D., Drake University

Natalie Benson
Jeffrey Gray, Ph.D., Natalie Benson and Julie Ronnebaum, P.T., GCS

Monoolein and Monolaurin Blends for Thermo-responsive Local Drug Delivery Systems: Natalie Benson and Abebe Mengesha, Ph.D., M.S., Drake University

Movement Science Poster Presentation

Jordan Hirshi
Jeffrey Gray, Ph.D.,  Jordan Hirshi, D.P.M.’14 and Julie Ronnebaum, P.T., GCS

Relationship of Frontal Plane Rotation of the First Metatarsal to Proximal Articular Set Angle and Hallux Alignment in Patients Having Tarsal Metatarsal Arthrodesis for Hallux Abducto Valgus: A Case Series and Critical Review of the Literature: Paul Dayton, D.P.M., M.S., FACFAS, Trimark Physicians Group, Trinity Regional Medical Center; Mindi Feilmeier, D.P.M., FACFAS, Des Moines University College of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery; Kauwe Merrell, B.S., and Jordan Hirschi, D.P.M.’14, Des Moines University

Education Poster Presentation

Travis Langan
Jeffrey Gray, Ph.D., Travis Langan, D.P.M.’15 and Julie Ronnebaum, P.T., GCS

Cultural Competency in Podiatry: Kevin Smith, D.P.M., M.S., Des Moines University College of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery; Simon Geletta, Ph.D., Des Moines University College of Health Sciences; Travis Langan, D.P.M.’15, Des Moines University

Public Health Poster Presentation

Lindsey Miller
Jeffrey Gray, Ph.D.,  Lindsey Miller and Julie Ronnebaum, P.T., GCS

Hospital Capacity and Utilization in Iowa: Lindsey Miller, D.O.’15, and Simon Geletta, Ph.D., Des Moines University


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