Celebrating imaging’s impact on patient care

DMU Radiology Clinic patients get great care. Above, Radiologic Technologist Lori Schrader checks in “Chester.”

Imaging has become one of health care’s most popular disciplines, thanks to the discovery of the x-ray more than a century ago. Some 117 years later, the x-ray remains the most commonly used form of medical imaging. We’re celebrating its impact on patient care during this National Radiologic Week and on this day, X-ray Discovery Day.

According to Jean Schuster, manager of the DMU Radiology Clinic, the x-ray has revolutionized the field of medicine, from mammograms to angiograms.

DMU Radiology Clinic patients like “Mabel” enjoy our comfortable waiting area.

“Medical imaging allows physicians to more quickly and accurately detect, diagnose and treat injuries, illnesses and diseases—no matter the case,” Jean says. “That means patients undergo fewer unnecessary and exploratory surgeries, avoid inappropriate treatments that inflate the costs of their care, and experience better outcomes.”

Specifically, x-rays are used to locate fractures and detect strokes, head injuries, herniated discs and abscesses. In addition, x-rays can determine the extent of bone and soft tissue damage in trauma patients, diagnose changes in various organs and diagnose or exclude diseases.

“When the x-ray was discovered in 1895, no one could have imagined the influence it would have on patient outcomes or the way care is delivered in 2012,” Jean says. “Now, x-rays provide the basis for mammograms, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, cardiac stress tests and other imaging procedures that genuinely impact patient care.

Mabel has a foot scan.

“Our imaging staff are dedicated to improving patient’s lives,” she adds.

The DMU Radiology Clinic staff invite everyone to visit them on the third floor of the DMU Clinic this week for a free bookmark celebrating National Radiologic Technology Week. For more information about medical imaging at the DMU Radiology Clinic, call 515-271-1715 or visit its website.

Only partially tongue in cheek, Jean shared the following 10 reasons radiology is the eyes of medicine:

10. Our standards are second to none.

9. We’ve got picture-perfect ways.

8. We’re bone-ified radiology pros.

7. We illuminate the dark.

6. We are patient people.

DMU Radiology Clinic Manager Jean Schuster performs a body composition scan.

5. Our pictures are worth 1,000 words.

4. We’ve got great image-inations.

3. We get the inside story.

2. No bones about it: we rock!

1. Without us, it’s all guesswork!

Disclaimer: This content is created for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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