Great food for thought on global health tonight

The Global Health Learning Collaborative is DMU’s student-led, discussion-based seminar that is meant to provide an introduction to global health’s key concepts and principles. Our students’ goal with the Learning Collaborative is to get people thinking critically about social, political and economic determinants of health care not only in foreign countries but also in the United States.

Join DMU for some worldly discussions.

The collaborative’s first session is tonight from 6 to 7:30 p.m. in Munroe 101 on campus. The session will cover introductory topics such as defining global health, globalization and structural violence as a way to lay the groundwork for future discussions.

Come for great food for thought as well as food, as dinner will be provided for free to participants.

Sponsored by DMU’s global health department and master’s of public health degree program with financial support of DuPont Pioneer, the collaborative will offer additional sessions on a regular basis. Stay tuned!

“We hope to see as many people as possible,” says Brian Piteo, a second-year DMU osteopathic medical student and one of this year’s collaborative teachers. “We look forward to your participation in the learning process of the DMU community.”

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