Welcome to Des Moines University!

This is a special greeting to the new and returning students arriving at Des Moines University this week. Welcome to a new academic year, a year full of opportunities to strive for excellence in all that we do!

This is an exciting time at Des Moines University as we continue to focus on the future. We are committed to our mission of “improving lives in our global community by educating diverse groups of highly competent and compassionate health professionals.” You have been chosen to fulfill this mission, and we are as confident in our ability to prepare you for the future as we are assured that you will step up and surpass our expectations. We will launch our new strategic plan during this year as we realize a vision rich with innovation, discovery, service and advocacy.

At Des Moines University, we are a community of scholars who embrace the values of accountability, collaboration, honesty, inclusiveness and wellness. You also join a community that places the highest priority on respect for the dignity and diversity of members of the entire campus community.

We look to you as future health care providers to carry the banner of DMU as an institution steeped in traditions of academic excellence. You are our future and represent the promise of fulfilling our mission of meeting the health care needs of our citizens in a very compassionate and culturally competent manner. We salute you and welcome you! We are so pleased that you have joined us!

Angela L. Walker Franklin, Ph.D.
President and CEO

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