2012 CPMS Recognition and Rite of Passage Ceremony

The annual CPMS Recognition and Rite of Passage Ceremony was held on Saturday, April 21, in the Student Education Center at DMU. Julia Moffitt, Ph.D., associate professor of physiology and pharmacology, received the Pre-Clinical Faculty of the Year Award; the late Marjean Reed, instructor and coordinator of surgical education, received the Clinical Faculty of the Year Award (accepted by Kendall Reed, D.O., dean of the College of Osteopathic Medicine); and Doug Kanis, D.O., received the Guest Lecturer of the Year Award. Kathie Palmersheim, D.P.M.‘13, received the CPMS Student of the Year Award; Meredith Ward, D.P.M.’14, received the Basic Surgical Skills Teaching Assistant of the Year Award; and Lisa Grant, D.P.M.’14, president of the Podiatric Practice Management and Journal Club, accepted the Student Club of the Year Award. This event also acknowledged the academic achievements of second- and third-year students and the advancement of the second-year students into the clinical phase of the curriculum.

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