Back to Cofridia Metro

We returned to the same community today and once again there was a line of patients waiting for our arrival. After 251 patients seen in less than eight hours on Tuesday, we worked another seven hours today to get through the entire group that showed up! It was amazing not to have anyone be turned away from treatment.

When I asked some of the students about their favorite part of the day this is what they said:

  • Opportunity to learn extensively from the doctors traveling with us
  • Children’s “Charla” (educational talk) and teaching the kids proper hygiene while connecting with them!
  • Having the ability to practice “real medicine” vs. “class medicine”
  • Practicing Interprofessional education
  • The bus ride home
  • Opportunity to develop your Spanish, no matter what level you are at
The amazing community volunteers who helped us the past two days.

One of the other great things we have been doing on the trip is being put on by the Dean of the COM College, Dr. Reed, as well as Dr. Mortensen, a professor in the physiology/pharmacology department. We have been participating in interprofessional education experiences at night where we reflect on our day and discuss interesting things that were seen in clinic. Today we discussed a foot abnormality and a cyst case as well as the pharmacology involved.

Kelsey Randel explaining her master’s program at our IPE session.

Tomorrow we will be in a whole new community and serve a whole different group of patients! Talk to you soon!

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