Devour Des Moines

Devour Des MoinesEven though the registration period is over for the race this Saturday, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to write about this crazy event that will be taking place downtown.

Devour Des Moinesis an eating/triathlon event to raise awareness for buying local food and living an active lifestyle. All proceeds will go to the Greater Des Moines Buy Fresh, Buy Local campaign, which is dedicated to connecting the Greater Des Moines community to local farm-fresh food as a means to supporting a healthier population and promoting economic growth.

The race consists of teams of four eating food from a specific downtown restaurant followed by some sort of physical activity, be it running, biking or swimming. Here are the specifics:

1st Leg: Team Member 1 eats a breakfast burrito from Mullet’s and runs two miles.
2nd Leg: Team Member 2 eats two slices of crab Rangoon pizza from Fong’s Pizza and jogs to the YMCA where they will paddle across the pool.
3rd Leg: Team member 3 shucks and eats an ear of corn and runs two miles.
4th Leg: Team member 4 eats an order of bacon wrapped tater tots from High Life Lounge and bikes 5 miles.
5th Leg: The whole team is back together to devour two pounds of hot wings from El Bait Shop and run a final lap.

The first full team across the finish line is the winner!

Woah, I’m full just reading that. Maybe you can’t partake in the challenge this year, but that means you have a whole year to prepare yourself for next year!

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