Gettin’ comfy with carbs

Do you ever have an intense craving for carbs after an exhausting day of work? This recipe might be for you.

It’s pretty simple and you can throw whatever veggies you want in it. I was craving black beans so I chucked a whole can into a pound of ground beef on a wok (love the wok) with some sweet onions and garlic.

In a separate pan, I went with boxed rice like Zataran’s black bean rice, dunked it in some water and a dab of butter, let it boil, and simmer for 25 minutes and my meal was basically complete.

That was last night’s dinner. As a left over for lunch, I sprinkled in some salt & vinegar chips and a bunch of organically grown cilantro (so fresh!) that I received from Door-to-Door Organics here in Michigan. (I’ve never tried a Community Supported Agriculture in Iowa, so I don’t have any recommendations to provide there. If you do, please share!)

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