Updated bone-densitometry technology

Des Moines University Clinic
New state-of-the-art equipment in DMU Clinic’s radiology department provides benefits to patients, health care providers and researchers.

Hologic’s Discovery A™ system with dual X-ray bone densitometry technology provides “significantly more information” and does so more accurately than the 10-year-old equipment it replaced, says Jean Schuster, radiology manager.

The new system enables the clinic’s certified DXA technologists to assess bone health, including structural geometry of the hip and existence of vertebral fractures. This information allows providers to diagnose and monitor patients with such fractures and osteoporosis.

“By detecting low bone density and vertebral fractures, the patient can begin treatment and avoid further complications,” Schuster says. “It’s exciting to be able to provide that information.”

Identical to the unit featured on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” the equipment will aid researchers exploring bone density, nutrition and exercise. It accurately measures fat mass, lean mass and total body mass for the entire skeleton as well as individual parts of the body.

The Hologic DXA unit can accommodate patients ranging from infants to adults up to 450 pounds. An additional bonus for patients and staff: The equipment generates information painlessly, non-invasively and quickly. “The longest scan takes 60 seconds,” Schuster notes.

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