Dump your plump? Yes!

This is me stuffing my face with last minute chocolate and candy before I stepped on the scale for the first time!

Many of you may know about the Dump Your Plump program going on here at DMU. Dump Your Plump is a 10-week team wellness challenge amongst the faculty, staff and students here. Teams have 4-10 people and are in essence competing for health. There will be participants trying to maintain their weight and others that are trying to lose some. All participants are required to work out 5 times a week for 30 minutes at minimum so it looks like the Wellness Center is going to be packed!

Well folks, I am taking up the challenge and trying to dump my plump. I am actually not focusing on the weight loss part but am hoping by working out on a continual basis the weight will come off and just be an added bonus.

Let’s just say…I don’t really enjoy working out all the much and probably enjoy sweets a lot too much so this is going to be a big challenge for me. But my team is awesome and I know they will be dragging me to the gym….even if I am kicking and screaming (which is a highly likely). My hopes are that at the end of these 10 weeks my body will crave to work out and my behaviors/attitude towards working out will have changed.

So here’s to making one healthy decision at a time in hopes to impact my health in positive ways. Good luck to all of you who are participating and I’ll keep you all updated on how the dumping is going!

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