The real life adventures of Daley Dodd

So I decided that my blogging isn’t really giving you a good look into all the sides of the life of “Daley Dodd.” If you know me well than you know that anything bad/extremely embarrassing/fantastically hilarious usually happens to me. The things most people would be terribly embarrassed make me just about die laughing…so I figure that’s why things like this come my way.

In the next few blogs I thought I would share some of my favorite stories about things that have happened to me. Sadly they are much better heard in person but the internet will have to work this time. My hope is that these bring smiles to your face.
One of my favorite stories has to do with applying to PA schools. THIS IS REAL.

A bit of background: I was driving to visit some friends and decided to use the few hours of the drive and call schools to get information about their programs. I had 20 schools on my list (I know, way too ambitious) and had a lot of calls to make. Let’s just say that by call 15 I was going insane (or at least that is how I am explaining what happened…ha ha).
It all came to a head at call 19. I got the answering machine and decided to leave a message and this is what happened…

I said, “Hi my name is Daley Dodd and I am interested in the PA program. I was calling to get some information on specific aspects of the school.” Then I asked questions about the school.

I ended with: “Thank you so much for your help. I would love to hear back about the program and will be looking for a call”


“Thanks again…in Jesus’ name, Amen”


Then I proceed to give the loudest gasp ever and was silent for about 15 seconds. And then to top off the already horrifying message I ended with, “OH MY GOD, I’M SO SORRY” and hung up.

I sat in silence in my car for about 2 minutes until I burst out laughing so hard that I was crying (definitely not safe for others on the road). I didn’t tell anyone for a long time because I was actually embarrassed about this (embarrassment has never been a part of my life). But then I realized this was way too good of a story to not tell anyone. Let’s just say I never received a call back but assume it is legendary at that school.

So that’s a very small insight into the craziness of my life. Whether it’s my own stupidity, just plain bad luck, or opportunities for me to tell some awesome stories… things that don’t happen to normal people seem to happen to me and I LOVE IT!

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