Malpractice Bowl

Lawyers may be good with words and winning arguments but they get their butts kicked in FOOTBALL!!!

The DMU girls team
The DMU women's team

Each fall the students from DMU play a flag football game against Drake Law students. They call this the Malpractice Bowl because that’s one thing we have in common with the law students.

A muddy mess
A muddy mess

As medical professionals, we run the risk of being accused of it (though we’d surely never commit it!) and they make money suing us for it.

So, in fun and games, we have an intense annual battle of flag football to gain bragging rights for the year. This year’s event was on Saturday.

Well folks, the DMU women’s team can brag away because we stomped those law students all over the field. Not gonna lie, it felt good to kick some butt and have fun while doing it.

The field we played on was a muddy mess and at the end of the game some of the girls decided to run and slide in it as you can tell from the pictures. It was a great way to start off Halloween.

See more photos on the DMU Facebook page!

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