Help raise awareness of homeless kids!

Reggie's Sleepout last year
Reggie's Sleepout last year

Imagine your life now… on your way to a successful career in health care. While there are still challenges to face, your basic needs have always been met. Now imagine if you will, growing up without those basic needs and wonder… would you still be where you are today if you grew up without them?

Join the M.P.H. Student Club in raising awareness on youth homelessness in Iowa and register on our team to experience for one night what many youth endure for many nights. The event is Reggie’s Sleepout on October 24, 2009. Participants will all sleep outside at the Drake University football stadium in pup tents, sleeping bags, boxes, etc. to show support for this great cause.

Read more about Reggie’s powerful story, donate or register to be on the M.P.H. Club team!

Hope to see you there!

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