Des Moines Sculpture Garden

horseDes Moines continues to impress me and make me proud to call it home. The latest addition that I’m bragging to everyone I know is the John and Mary Pappajohn Sculpture Garden in Western Gateway Park. It includes 24 pieces and is said to rival similar parks in St. Paul and Seattle. Des Moines is definitely making a place for itself culturally (In other news, Wicked is opening at the Civic Center this weekend!).

I wandered around and snapped some photos at dusk but I’ll definitely be going back to see how the park looks in all seasons and lights. With plenty of open grassy areas it’s a great place for a picnic or even studying!

Some of my favorites include: Juno & Ancient Forest, Thinker on a Rock and Nomade.


Take a virtual tour of the park here.

What’s your favorite sculpture?

What is your favorite cultural destination in Des Moines?

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