TODAY is DMU Day at the fair!

ferris wheel

I know you’re thinking about it… dreaming of corndogs and ice cold lemonade last night, weren’t you?

It’s understandable, really! You know you wanna do it…   So jump in the car & head to the state fair!

YES, right now.

Do it! You won’t regret it!

Today is DMU Day at the Iowa State Fair and you won’t want to miss it. Look for the big white tent on the south side of the Grand Concourse. We are east of the Varied Industries Building, SW of Jalepeno Pete’s. We’ll have cute mocha brown tee shirts on that say DMU! and we’ll be smiling and ready to give you a cool temporary tattoo.

Whether you’re a third-year, prospective student, graduate, employee or just an Iowan interested in the state’s largest medical school, we want you to stop by & show us some love! We have free first aid kids, foldable frisbees, bandaid dispensers, pens and more. You can enter to win a free shirt & family health book AND, from 9 to 3 you can get a free OMM treatment!

In case meeting me, getting free stuff and connecting with students, alumni & clinicians isn’t enough incentive…. Check out the 7 new foods of this year’s fair. Here’s all the food-0n-a-stick options and the big mama guide: the full directory of all foods at the fair!

Also, I accept no excuses for you missing this day. Here are directions to the fair, shuttle info, a 3D map OF the fair (see the purple dot – that’s about where the DMU tent is!)  & up-to-the-minute fair info.

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