Checking in from our St. Lucia rotation

We have completed one week of work here at St. Jude Hospital in St. Lucia and things are going well.

Throughout the week we evaluated and treated inpatients and outpatients. We have seen a variety of diagnoses including orthopedic, neurological and wound care. We have also been giving in-services on various topics in the afternoons to help the physical therapist’s learn more about manual therapy and therapeutic exercise.

Last Friday we completed eight home visits and tried to help with family education as well as gathering supplies for them like compression socks and prosthetics.

The people here in St. Lucia are very nice and everyone says hello. It seems like everyone is very grateful that we came to work. I am looking forward to following up with some of the patients I evaluated last week, as well as learning more about wound care.

We only have one more week to do what we can while we are here. I know we will have great information to pass on to the next group of students who will be volunteering at St. Jude. What a great experience this has been!

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