Coupon clipping is for everyone!

Lookie at what I found, coupons online! I’m going to admit our past-time favorite moments is going to include finding great deals in the Val-Pak mail and online deals. It is so fun hunting for bargains that it really should be a sport. And if you cringe at calling this a sport, imagine how I feel about poker being called a sport.

Here’s one source for clipping coupons that aren’t just for moms, it’s for anyone who likes to save moola. For cheap books, I usually stick with used books from Amazon. And for little doo-dads eBay isn’t too bad either (using your Pay Pal card secures your order in case anything goes wrong.) If you sign up for Borders Rewards Perks, they can remind you of special deals from various stores. It’s where I learned about

Be sure to read about the limitations of all coupons, then get ready to save!

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