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Everyone has a bad day here & there to complain about. But lately when I have a bad day, I think of a friend who is going through a much more challenging time. Jeff Mullin, one of my best friends’ dad, is an awesome guy who is constantly smiling. 

After months of back pain, Jeff woke up a few weeks ago and couldn’t move. A trip to the ER, cat scan and into surgery he went. His spinal column was full of arthritis and they’d removed as much as they could. His family was told he’d be paralyzed below the waist and confined to a wheelchair. 

Read & view the KCCI news story about Jeff.

Now in rehab, Jeff is working hard, still smiling, to push his body past expectations. Hours of therapy each day and struggles to regain normal function. What a way to test patience, faith and optimism! He & his wife Tammy are amazing and constantly inspire the rest of us.

Thankfully Jeff is surpassing every  medical prediction and already has some muscle movement back in his legs & feet! We thank God for this progress and his continued fighter spirit. His patience (maybe learned in the military or from being a high-school teacher?!) is carrying through in his day-to-day attitude!  As he says, failure is not an option.

Unfortunately, patience, faith and positive thinking don’t pay the bills too well so some family friends have pulled together a benefit for the Mullin family. This friday, beginning at 7, for $5 you can enjoy live tunes, dinner from Cafe Di Scala and conversation at Carl’s Place, a Sherman Hill watering spot. Free-will donations are asked for. At 8, the live auction will begin and items include everything from auto detailing to tattoos and baseball tickets.

If you become a fan of Jeff on Facebook you’ll get updates on his progress and be able to send well-wishes.

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