Annual memorial service

Before we send students out to treat patients, we prepare them every which way we can. One of the first things they do as a student is take anatomy. The learn every muscle, bone, vein and organ first-hand. They know the ankle bone connects to the foot bone because they’ve seen it with their own eyes.

That would not be possible without the generous, gracious gift given by body donors. These are folks who took the time while alive to fill out a form willing their body to science. Anatomical study is critically important to medical and health science students. Every body is treated with the utmost respect and is used to educate everyone from grade schoolers who might examine a heart and brain on a field trip to our graduate students who dissect and study every part of the intricate tool called a body.

Every year the donors used in class are honored with a memorial service. This year the service is Friday and will honor 58 Iowans who gave this incredible gift to further medicine. More details on the service.It is open to the public and you’re invited to attend.

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