We like spring break too!

St. potluckBecause we work for a University, everyone always assumes we get spring break vacation just like the students. This is not true, in fact spring break is actually a very busy time for us in the admission office.

Even though we’re busy, we try to take a little time for spring break fun so we can at least feel like we’re on vacation. Now that it’s over, let me share with you how it went… 

With our cafeteria closed we had to get creative for lunch. Our St. Patrick’s Day Potluck ‘O the Irish was enviable.  Per the instructions, nearly every food item arrived in a very unnatural shade of green.  

Danessa in office olympicsWe also hit up a local establishment for lunch one day (mmm Zimm’s!). We tried our hand at a Trivial Pursuit Challenge, but our knowledge of all things trivial could definitely use some work.  

Our knowledge of College Basketball, however, has proved surprising, as some of our staff can still boast a near-perfect bracket!  Don’t worry, we are not gambling.  We barely knew how to pick brackets, let alone score points for money!

We rounded out the week with the Enrollment Management Olympics, for which I received a Bronze medal (only because Gold and Silver cheated).  But in the spirit of sportsmanship, we were all winners!  Chair Push for Distance, File-Box Bicep Curls, Sharpie Darts, Viewbook Curling – a great test of speed, dexterity, precision and strength. I will admit, I failed miserably in the Alphabetizitation Race. I also had an incident with some ink in the Cheap Pen Re-assembly Race. I’m voting those off the roster for the next games. 

Jamie in office olympicsSo, this is how we spent our spring break. At least the noon to 1 p.m. timeframe of our spring break.  We are not tan, we are not jet-lagged, we are not relaxed, but, we had a little bit of much needed fun.


Photos include our St. Patty’s potluck and 2 from office olympics: Danessa and Josh in the chair push challenge and Jamie in the file-box bicep curl competition. Go Team! 
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