Des Moines Marathon

The Des Moines Marathon was Sunday and DMU was everywhere!  There were more than 7,000 runners and walkers for this Boston Marathon qualifier, and the weather couldn’t have been better!  While I don’t think I’ll ever run in a marathon (I get sore from playing Wii Tennis), I have cheered on runners before and the atmosphere is so cool! Everyone is so supportive of all the participants—I kind of wish I could have that encouragement all the time.  How cool would it be if every time you were working out people were there telling you ‘good job,’ ‘way to go,’ and ‘keep going, you’re doing great’?  I think I could work out forever.

DMU’s third-year physical therapy students volunteered to help relieve some of the knots these runners had worked up. Since I’m married to a third-year PT student, he filled me in on this year’s marathon. This might seem silly, but I wasn’t sure whether post- marathon your muscles are loose like Jell-O or crazy tight. After some eye-rolling, my husband said muscles are very tight afterwards and he saw some of the largest knots he’d ever worked on before. Our P.T. students treated over 200 lucky runners who, I’m sure, loved every minute!  Our D.O. students were there as part of the Osteopathic Finish Line group and D.P.M. students were there treating foot and ankle injuries.

The Des Moines Register had some great pics from the start, middle, and finish at the marathon.  Be sure to check them out—maybe we’ll see you running next year!

-Lindsay, a guest blogger from admissions

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