What is my role in public health?

If you have a baby in Iowa, get ready for a crash course in public health awareness!

In the past few months I’ve completed quite a few surveys for the Iowa Department of Public Health regarding the birth of my son.  I’ve answered numerous questions about my prenatal care, my ability to provide a car seat for my child, available modes of transportation to a health care facility, health insurance coverage, family and financial situation and even my thoughts about the recent Iowa Smoking Ban.  I had no idea I would get a chance to weigh in on so many public health issues!  I’m happy to participate in these surveys to do my part in improving the public health of Des Moines and the state of Iowa.  And as a token of thanks, I even received a CD of rockin’ lullabies.  Now I just need to figure out why the dish ran away with the spoon…?

Follow this link for more info on how to get involved in the Public Health program at DMU! Also, check out this recent article in the Washington Post regarding the increasing interest in public health degrees by undergraduates.

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