DMU is staying dry

Contrary to the latest CNN headline, all of Des Moines is NOT evacuating. The entire state is waist-deep in rain water (that’s not an exaggeration for some areas!) and Des Moines’ downtown is undergoing a voluntary evacuation right now. But worry not, current or prospective student, community member, alumni or friend! Des Moines University is a mere few minutes from downtown but alas, we are high enough up and far enough from a river that we are not flooded.

Many, many Iowans have lost their homes, due to flooding or tornadoes. (This is NOT NORMAL IOWA WEATHER, btw, so don’t be scared!) When we know of tangible ways you can help, we will surely let you know. For now, if you’re inclined to help, please say a prayer, fill a sandbag, volunteer through United Way, or contact the Red Cross!

DSM Register’s flood coverage (link removed)

CNN’s latest Iowa headline (link removed)

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