Wooden shoes, tulips and pastries galore

About 30-45 minutes from Des Moines is the lovely little town of Pella. Pella was founded by the Dutch and every year residents celebrate their heritage with Tulip Time.

While you may be able to imagine an entire city awash in colorful tulips, there is no way you could begin to imagine the delectable treats and lively entertainment at Tulip Time. The charming historic town square is home to authentic bakeries and meat markets and will host the 6 parades, May 1-May 3, and booths of ethnic goodies. My favorite is the Dutch letter but I love to try new things each year.

One of the best parts of Tulip Time is that so much of it is free! The parades are free to attend, as is the craft show. Parking around the city is free, if you park too far out, take a free shuttle. Enjoy a free sniff and photo-op of the tulips around town. The car show is free to see, as is many other exhibits.

The Register’s guide to Tulip Time

Take a mini road trip this weekend to Pella – you won’t be sorry!

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