we're excited to have you!

You are about to embark on an exciting, rewarding and life-changing endeavor – achieving your goal of becoming an outstanding health care professional!

What's next?

Here are helpful resources as you prepare for the year ahead.

  • Secure your seat

    Submit your non-refundable seat deposit and outstanding requirements form by the deadlines listed on your DMU Admissions Account. You will be able to view the deadlines and additional items within 48 hours after acceptance.

  • Orientation

    Orientation/mandatory program meeting for MSA will be held on Thursday, July 28, and Friday, July 29. The first day of class will be Monday, August 1.

  • Stay connected

    We can't wait to see you on campus in July! Connect with your future classmates and current MSA students through your class Facebook group.

    Student ambassadors invite you to join them on Zoom for a casual Q&A, to learn more about the MSA student experience. Drop in as your schedule allows!
    Tuesday, May 3, 4-4:30pm - Zoom meeting link 

  • Background check process

    All incoming students must complete a background check through DMU’s vendor. Instructions will be available on Pulse beginning in April.

  • Join us on campus for a tour

    Accepted students are welcome to join us on campus to meet future classmates, faculty and staff, and to participate in a tour of campus. Visit days are offered on select Friday afternoons and registration is available here. Please note, these events have been created for accepted students only and at this time guests (parents, spouses, partners, etc) are not able to participate.

  • Credentials

    Watch for your DMU credentials to be sent to you via encrypted email beginning in mid-January. Your credentials will give you access to Pulse, which will contain the information you need to get started at DMU (financial aid, student health, health insurance, etc.).

  • Next steps

    Download this checklist to keep you on track for a successful onboarding as a DMU student.

If you have questions, please reach out to the Admissions team at DMUAdmit@dmu.edu.

Diversity at DMU: Your culture creates ours

Cultural competency is part of the personal and professional development that happens at DMU. Our campus environment is shaped by individuals who bring cultural differences, life experiences and distinct characteristics.

We've got you covered: Support services for students

DMU helps students succeed by offering resources like the Center for Educational Enhancement (CEE), on-campus student health services, health insurance, financial aid and a counseling center. Resources for veterans and military students can be accessed here

Welcome to Des Moines: Your new favorite city

Des Moines is consistently ranked as the best city for young professionals to live and work. Our low unemployment, affordable housing, and low costs of living mean you can live comfortably right away.

Housing opportunities: Finding your perfect place

Located just east of the city’s downtown center and nestled in an established neighborhood and business district, Des Moines University offers the perfect location for a variety of accessible urban living options.

Des Moines downtown housing options
Des Moines houses of worship

Places to worship: Find a space to practice your faith

The residents of Des Moines come from all around the world, and the city has countless religious services and institutions to serve the surrounding communities.

Fine dining: Nearby restaurants and grocery options

The local businesses and restaurants that surround DMU are some of the best the city has to offer. An abundance of ethnic grocery stores and a thriving culinary scene make Des Moines a great place to live – and eat.

Des Moines Ingersoll restaurants

Disability Services: Des Moines University welcomes qualified candidates with disabilities who meet the technical standards of the program, with or without reasonable accommodations. If you are a candidate with a disability who requires reasonable accommodations to reasonably access the curriculum and educational services offered at DMU, please contact the Accommodations and Educational Support Specialist in the Center for Educational Enhancement in person, by phone (515-271-4452) or by email (accommodations@dmu.edu). Accommodations are not determined by faculty. Accommodations are not provided retroactively.  Candidates who require accommodations are directed to register with the Accommodations and Educational Support Specialist as far in advance of the start of the program as possible.

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