Abaton is Des Moines University’s student-produced literary journal.

First produced in 2007, Abaton serves as a creative outlet for DMU students, faculty, alumni and other healthcare professionals. Abaton explores aspects of health care that often elude academic disciplines. It is these often unspoken sentiments of the provider and patient that form a bridge to an evidence-based profession. By allowing these stories to be heard, we give voice to the most fundamental aspect of medicine – humanism.

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Abaton, is accepting poetry, essays, art and photography submissions for its seventh annual edition.

Beginning in 2010, medical students from all institutions who submit to Abaton an essay or short story of up to 5,000 words will be considered for the $1,000 Richard Selzer Prize, named in honor of the distinguished surgeon, Yale University professor and prolific author. Selzer’s collections of short stories, surgical memoirs, essays, novels and novellas about the sick and diseased have influenced many individuals to become physicians, and many physicians to share their own experiences through writing.

Submissions to Abaton must be sent by July 1, 2016.

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