CTL Staff Helping StudentsThe Center for Educational Enhancement (CEE) aims to assist DMU students with a broad range of academic services and programs designed to help learners achieve their academic and personal goals. Students will be provided with individual and group opportunities needed to become successful, active learners. CEE strives to assist students in developing independent learning techniques that will contribute to their academic success and life-long learning skills.

Schedule an appointment with CEE by emailing cee@dmu.edu.

Academic Services

Eligibility for Support Services

Eligibility for academic support services begins one week before incoming students start classes. Graduating students will be eligible for services for 2-3 weeks following graduation. The eligible services identified here do not include applications for accommodations. All students are welcome to apply for accommodations following the policies and procedures for Accommodations to Educational Programming.

Individuals eligible for CEE services include:

  • Students in all DMU programs, including non-degree seeking/professional development students
  • Students on leaves of absence who were eligible prior to the leave or have been approved by the college dean or designee to receive services
  • Students on academic probation
  • Students living outside a reasonable driving range of DMU may contact CEE Educational Specialists for service by e-mail, phone or Skype

Individuals not eligible for CEE services include:

  • Students who have been dismissed from DMU
  • Students who have withdrawn from DMU
  • Students who are on disciplinary suspension
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