Carlos Lowell III, D.O.’90

Carlos Lowell III, D.O.’90, a board-certified psychiatrist in private practice in Sandusky, OH, was selected to serve as co-chair of the education committee of the Clinical Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Society (CTMSS) at its annual meeting in May 2022. The only osteopathic co-chair in the CTMSS, he also is a member of the society’s membership committee and resident task force and has served on the society’s clinical standards committee. 

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) has been an FDA-cleared neuromodulation treatment for treatment refractory depression (TRD) since 2008. Lowell formed the fifth fully functional TMS program in Ohio in 2013 and was the first osteopathic physician to start a program in Ohio; since then he has been medical director of the TMS Institute of Ohio. At that time he joined the CTMSS, which is now an international organization of more than 1,000 members whose mission is the optimization of the clinical practice, accessibility and awareness of TMS. 

As a CTMSS education committee member, Lowell was involved in helping with its PULSES course, which is designed to train physicians who are new to the field of TMS. The committee also provides educational programing, grand rounds and seminars on TMS for attending physicians, residents and medical students. It is putting the finishing touches on a two-part prerecorded introductory seminar on TMS for residents and students that CTMSS will make available free of charge to medical schools and residencies across the country this fall. One of Lowell’s goals is to get the word out about TMS to the osteopathic profession during his tenure, and he says he looks forward to working with osteopathic educators across the country.

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