Jeffrey Ditzell, D.O.’00

Jeffrey Ditzell, D.O.’00, is now offering in-person ketamine infusion therapy sessions that include psychotherapy to combat treatment-resistant depression at his newly remodeled New York City private psychiatry practice located in the heart of the Financial District. He went through an intensive training program with one of the top anesthesiologists at the Ketamine Institute. Prior to opening his own practice, he served as the chief of an inpatient dual diagnosis unit, the lead attending in two psychiatric ER’s, the lead physician of an assisted community treatment team, and the medical director of a large multidisciplinary nonprofit organization. Ditzell retired at the end of 2018 as lieutenant colonel in the United States Army. He has completed fellowships in addiction psychiatry and psychosomatic medicine and public psychiatry. Host of the Psychs & The City podcast, Ditzell has been featured in Forbes and on the website Healthline and is a medical reviewer for Insider.

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